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Playing sports is a great way to keep your children active, fit and improve social skills!

Welcome to BCYFC – Bath City Youth Football Club! We are not just a football club, but a community that thrives on providing an inclusive environment for all ages, dedicated to fostering a passion for football, promoting active lifestyles, and nurturing valuable life skills.

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Looking for a place to play football in Bath?

Our Vision: At BCYFC, our vision is to create a space where every child, regardless of their background or skill level, can come together to experience the joy of football. We believe in the power of sport to bring people together, build friendships, and instill confidence that extends far beyond the pitch.

Inclusive Environment: We are proud of our diverse and welcoming community. Our commitment to inclusivity ensures that everyone feels valued, respected, and included. We embrace differences and believe they enrich the tapestry of our club, making us stronger both on and off the field.

All Ages Welcome: Whether your child is taking their first steps in football or is a seasoned player, BCYFC is the perfect place to nurture their skills and love for the game. Our structured programs cater to various age groups, ensuring that each child gets the right guidance to enhance their abilities.

Fun and Learning: We understand that the best way to learn is through enjoyment. Our coaching philosophy revolves around creating a fun and engaging environment that sparks curiosity and encourages skill development. Through age-appropriate training sessions and exciting drills, we aim to make every practice session a memorable learning experience.

Stay Fit and Active: In an age where sedentary lifestyles are a concern, BCYFC is dedicated to keeping children active. Football is not only a sport but a way of life that promotes physical health, agility, and coordination. We are committed to helping your child stay fit and energetic, setting the foundation for a healthy future.

Community and Growth: BCYFC is more than a club; it’s a family. We value the relationships built between players, parents, coaches, and volunteers. Together, we foster an environment where personal growth, teamwork, and respect thrive. We believe these values transcend football and prepare our youth for success in any endeavor they choose.