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Mini-Soccer : Organisation

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What can children expect from adults?

Remember that children are often easily led, anxious to please and prone to over-enthusiasm, and so plenty of praise and positive reinforcement is needed – especially with beginner

Children find it hard to understand negative instructions and easier to understand positive reinforcement and this can frequently mean playing down the result and playing up the performance.  This reduces the child’s anxiety and decreases their worry about failing.  Remember that children do not mean to make mistakes; we should accept mistakes as a necessary part of learning.

Make sure the players play by the Laws.  The majority of children at these ages will not knowingly infringe the Laws of the Game.  Finally, work with other adults, not against them, and by so doing reinforce positive attitudes among the children.

Interference from the touchline

Whilst the fun and friendly atmosphere created by Mini-Soccer should keep such instances to a minimum, there may be situations which arise where comments and abuse from adults, parents and Managers is made from the touch line.

This could be directed at the Referee, but also at the players.  What can be done?  Stay calm; do not get into disagreement; report the matter to relevant club or league officials; set a positive responsible example.

Remember The FA's Respect campaign.

Referees – Mini-Soccer Game Leaders

The Referee will have an important role to play in Mini-Soccer.  Carrying out their duties without favor they should look to create a playing environment which is fun for all taking part.  The Referee should encourage fair play, fun, respect for others, development of skills and team work, understanding of the Laws of the Game.

The Laws of the Game should be a guide for the Referee in Mini-Soccer with the spirit of the laws being more important than the letters of the law.  Appreciation of the needs of the child is essential.

From Mini Soccer to 9v9

During the 2002-03 season a number of leagues approached The FA regarding the possibility of moving to 9v9 at under 11.

The FA organised a number of Regional Mini-Soccer Consultation Meetings to review Mini-Soccer and to discuss ideas for the future development of the game.

The consultation also led to the introduction within FA rules, for the 9v9 game for children who have reached the age of 10 on 31st August.

The 9v9 option is available from U11-U14.

When 9v9 is played The FA recommends the following:

Follow the standard 11v11 Laws of the Game except:

  • Size of pitch: use junior size pitch 80m/50m and junior goals 21/7ft
  • Substitutes: Maximum squad of 18 with repeat substitutions allowed
  • Playing Time: Maximum 35mins each way
  • Anything not covered above, FA standard code of rules for youth leagues should apply


The FA hopes that where facilities allow leagues will make use of the 9v9 option to assist the players’ development.



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